• Runner, Runner

    Runner, Runner

    “Runner, Runner” is a new film examining the potentially dark world of illegal online gambling and how it nearly destroys the promising career of a young, happy-go-lucky Princeton student who uses his online poker winnings to help pay his way through the costly Ivy League University. A talented poker player, […]

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  • Yo Tambien (Me Too)

    Yo Tambien (Me Too)

    Yo Tambien (Me Too) is a spanish comedic drama film that tells the story of a 34 year old man named Daniel, the first person in his country to graduate from university with Down Syndrome. Daniel (Pablo Pinedo) makes it through college with the support of his loving parents, but […]

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  • Argo

    Argo tells the story of 6 Americans who stranded in Iran during the Iranian revolution and the poor bastard who has to get them out of this godforsaken place.  How do you Get 6 Americans who are hiding in the home of the Canadian ambassador past the Iranian border? With […]

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  • A New Short: A Running Jump

    Mike Leigh, Happy Go Lucky director and co-star Eddie Marsan pair up once more for a new story, A Running Jump. The last pairing of the actor and director had won Marsan a British Independent Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and a London Film Critics Award for Best British […]

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Other News

  • Movie Posters: Everyone Has A Favorite

    Movie Posters: Everyone Has A Favorite

    As children, we all remember being captivated by the very large movie posters that welcomed us into the cinema. These colorful, big advertisements spoke volumes with their glossy images–some of them haunting, others exciting, adventurous, terrifying, and so on. Often times, these movie posters find their way onto the walls […]

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  • The Low Budget “Hidden”

    The Low Budget “Hidden”

    Andrea Riseborough, who co-stars as Dawn in “Happy Go Lucky”, started production in Vancouver, Canada on her new movie. “Hidden” is a low budget film directed by Alexander Skarsgard about a family that stays hidden in a bomb shelter during a mysterious outbreak. In the thriller, she plays Skarsgard’s wife, […]

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  • Alexis Zergman as Kyla (The Wedding Video)

    Alexis Zergman as Kyla (The Wedding Video)

    Alexis Zegerman known for her role as Zoe, Poppy’s roommate in the film Happy Go Lucky, has a new movie set to release this month. Zegerman plays Kyla in the romantic comedy, The Wedding Video, directed by Nigel Cole. The film follows a wild best man who wants to capture […]

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  • Great Expectations for Great Expectations

    Great Expectations for Great Expectations

    Sally Hawkins, known best for her role as Poppy in Happy Go Lucky, latest movie was picked up for distribution recently at the Toronto Film Festival. Hawkins plays Mrs. Joe in the Mike Newell remake of the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. The movie centers on Pip who is funded […]

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  • Get Ready for Da Vinci’s Demons

    Elliot Cowan, who played the arrogant bookstore keeper in the movie “Happy Go Lucky”, latest endeavor has started production on Da Vinci’s Demons. Written by the Dark Knight writer the series is sure to live up to fans expectation with the spin on a historical figure. Da Vinci’s Demons is […]

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