Alexis Zergman as Kyla (The Wedding Video)

Alexis Zegerman known for her role as Zoe, Poppy’s roommate in the film Happy Go Lucky, has a new movie set to release this month. Zegerman plays Kyla in the romantic comedy, The Wedding Video, directed by Nigel Cole. The film follows a wild best man who wants to capture the crazy antics of the guest and the family during the weekend of the wedding, and present the documentary to the bride and groom as a gift. Of course the whole affair does not go as plan and this is where the wedding comedy dazzles.

When the true nature of each character comes out, even the posh setting of the Cheshire society cannot contain the characters within this comedic fare. The film is set to be released August 17 which is a few days before the iPhone 5 debuts. Zegerman won a British Independent Film Award for her role in the movie starring Sally Hawkins for her role as the roommate and best friend.

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