Argo tells the story of 6 Americans who stranded in Iran during the Iranian revolution and the poor bastard who has to get them out of this godforsaken place.  How do you Get 6 Americans who are hiding in the home of the Canadian ambassador past the Iranian border? With a fake movie!

The story about a CIA agent who comes up with a plan to get the Americans out of Iran by faking they’re a science fiction movie crew who came to scout the exotic locations Iran has to offer sounds equally impossible as ridiculous. But it sure makes for a great movie.

Argo is the kind of movie that doesn’t need high end special effects.
Even though there is almost no action it is one of the most suspenseful movies of the year.  The constant threat of the film crew cover getting blown keeps you on the edge of your seat during the whole movie. If just one Iranian finds out that there are still 6 Americans in Iran, they will kill them all.
Even though the movie is mostly talk it never gets dull. Ben Affleck is great as the CIA exfiltration expert but for me the comical duo  Alan Arkin and John Goodman stole the movie.  The two plays a film producer and a make up artist who help Affleck set up a phony film studio.

Slow paced scenes are alternated with suspenseful ones and the witty comments of some of the characters keep you entertained throughout the dialogues.
Eventhough the movie isn’t all that historically correct; It’s a hollywood production that focusses more on telling a suspenseful and entertaining story then on visual effects and over the top action scenes.

Argo offers one of the most fulfulling movie experiences of the last year.
Go see it!

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