Finding the Best Office Coffee Machines


If you own an office, there is no better way to start the day than with a good cup of coffee. For those who are environmentally conscious, bean to cup businesses have become a popular alternative to coffee shops. They are often open 24 hours and provide a convenient way to provide coffee for your staff without using a pot, stove, or other expensive kitchen appliance. Coffee shops can also be very smoky. There is no place to store the beans in and a small space to brew the perfect cup. Bean to cup office coffee machines, however, aren’t just a cheap alternative to bigger businesses, they can still be as flavorful and fresh as more expensive coffee shops.

Bean to cup office coffee machines come in a wide range of styles. They use one of two different styles of pod technology to create a delicious cup of Joe. The pod machines, which are generally small and compact, are designed to work with one single cup at a time. While they may take longer to brew than larger pod machines, the amount of coffee used is often much smaller.

A smart idea that can save space is smart pod technology. This saves the need to use up pre-measured amounts of beans and caps. Simply put the pod in the hopper, turn it on, and pull it out when it is empty. There is no waste, and your office coffee machines is only working with what you put into it. Pod smart office coffee machines help keep the workplace clutter-free, which helps employees focus on their work instead of the clutter around them.

Lavazza Blue capsules coffee machine office coffee machines offer the choice between pre-ground or ground beans. Each option has its advantages. Pre-ground pods require more mess, and the grinder that comes with the machine may not always be in good working order. However, many grinders are now available for purchase, and the extra cost is worth the cleanliness and efficiency that is provided.

Larger offices have the option of using a pellet grinder. These machines are designed to simply crush large batches of dried coffee powder, which can be dispensed right from the hopper. They are inexpensive and efficient, and produce a cup of great tasting coffee almost instantly. Coffee made from fresh milk is also available. It must be used immediately after being ground, though, because the powdered dry milk tastes stale compared to the fresh beverage. If large offices do not have this option, some businesses elect to use bottled coffee purchased from the store, or buy gourmet flavored latte mixes.

Smaller office facilities might find it more economical to brew their own special blend of gourmet flavored coffee. This would be achieved by purchasing a robusta bean, grinding it and then brewing the perfect cup. These homes brews often taste better than those found in restaurants, since they are typically made with the freshest ingredients. Brewing your own might also be a way to save money.

Large offices with multiple locations that need to accommodate hundreds of employees might find it more economical to invest in one of the top three office coffee machines on the market. These machines generally brew several cups at a time, making it easy to serve coworkers. They also feature a warming plate for when individuals are waiting for their coffee machine to arrive and offer an LCD screen for showing the time and how much has been brewed.

Finally, if you are looking for a coffee machine that offers the greatest convenience, you should look into an automatic espresso machine. These machines can be programmed with up to six different coffees, giving you the ability to have an espresso machine and a latte all in one. The best part about these units is that the temperature control is constant throughout the brewing process. No matter what time of day it is, the water will be hot enough to drink! These models do require more attention than many others, however, so you will likely need a reliable maintenance schedule in place before committing to one of these machines.

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