Movie Posters: Everyone Has A Favorite

As children, we all remember being captivated by the very large movie posters that welcomed us into the cinema. These colorful, big advertisements spoke volumes with their glossy images–some of them haunting, others exciting, adventurous, terrifying, and so on.

Often times, these movie posters find their way onto the walls of our homes, university dormitories, offices, and the like. Just like a fine piece of art, a movie poster is appreciated and admired by many. Some posters become valuable in time and worth a lot of money, according to

A lot of collectors go one step further by having favorite movie posters printed onto canvas. This adds a terrific texture to the artwork, and the non-reflective nature of canvas prints allows hanging under any lighting conditions.

The standard movie poster is quite sizable at 27 inches by 40 inches. Legendary movie directors like Hitchcock and Preminger had strong ideas as to how their films were represented, and control over what was included in their posters. The movie poster of Jennifer Lawrence, star of the ‘Hunger Games,’ is gorgeous to hang up. ‘Twilight’s’ Taylor Lautner posing with sculpted biceps in the ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie poster is a favorite of young women.

There is Academy award winner Angelina Jolie with incredible blue eyes staring up at fans in the ‘Salt’ movie poster. Vintage is also a wonderful way to bring drama and conversation to the walls. Think back to Al Pacino in ‘Scarface.’ An unforgettable cinematic role. How about enigmatic Mona Lisa decorating the ‘DaVinci Code’ movie poster?

Of course, there is always handsome Richard Gere on a movie poster, complete in a tuxedo with the Manhattan backdrop in the new release of ‘Arbitrage.’ Movie posters are fun to collect and hang. Each one has an interesting story.

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