The Five Most Important Actors

The moment the high-pitched woodwind instrument follows the bright character around the North London city streets enjoying every turn on her bicycle, the audience is set to love the sparkling character, Poppy, played by Sally Hawkins. Five years and several awards and nominations later, and the Mike Leigh film, Happy Go Lucky, continues to delight the audience.

What are the elements that have made this movie such a delectable classic? One reason could be that Leigh has an impeccable understanding of how to place the right combination of actors together who have a strong sense for character. He then guides the chemistry of the actors through improvisational meetings where each actor works off another’s art for dialogue. This is where Leigh’s quirky film is born.

Each actor had a certain mission to either contrast or enhance Poppy’s ecstatic behavior. Hawkins brings forth a wildness to her character Poppy, who seems to only play by the rules when she is conducting her primary school class of students. Alexis Zegerman, plays Poppy’s girlfriend and flat mate. Zegerman’s laid back persona easily grounds Poppy even at her most over-the-top moments.

Eddie Marsen was cast perfectly as the maniacal driving instructor who places the reflection of reality in front of the chipper main character with just one serious look or mean suggestion. Another character who gives the gleeful character a sense of place is Poppy’s boyfriend which is played by Joseph Kloska. He enters the movie midway, but adds a sense of realism with his moderate manner.

Then, the audience is treated to a character who takes Poppy’s oddball exterior and takes it up one more notch. Karina Hernandez, the flamenco dance instructor, torments her class with her seriousness for the arts, and places the finishing touch to the whimsical proceedings. With a large classy mix of simple story and kooky characters, it is easy to see why the audiences continue to love the low-budget treat, and why Mike Leigh continues to work with the same actors in other films as well.

Happy Go Lucky clip where Poppy begins her driving lessons with her strict instructor.

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Alexis Zergman as Kyla (The Wedding Video)

Alexis Zegerman known for her role as Zoe, Poppy’s roommate in the film Happy Go Lucky, has a new movie set to release this month. Zegerman plays Kyla in the romantic comedy, The Wedding Video, directed by Nigel Cole. The film follows a wild best man who wants to capture the crazy antics of the guest and the family during the weekend of the wedding, and present the documentary to the bride and groom as a gift. Of course the whole affair does not go as plan and this is where the wedding comedy dazzles.

When the true nature of each character comes out, even the posh setting of the Cheshire society cannot contain the characters within this comedic fare. The film is set to be released August 17 which is a few days before the iPhone 5 debuts. Zegerman won a British Independent Film Award for her role in the movie starring Sally Hawkins for her role as the roommate and best friend.

The Low Budget “Hidden”

Andrea Riseborough, who co-stars as Dawn in “Happy Go Lucky”, started production in Vancouver, Canada on her new movie. “Hidden” is a low budget film directed by Alexander Skarsgard about a family that stays hidden in a bomb shelter during a mysterious outbreak. In the thriller, she plays Skarsgard’s wife, Claire and mother of their child.

After safely surviving underground for almost a year, their shelter is no longer secured and threatened by an unknown force. Photos taken recently on the set show Riseborough in character talking to the child actress. Hidden film is set for release in 2013. Riseborough is currently in production filming Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.

She takes on the role of Victoria in this science fiction film about a soldier who is court martial to a distant planet, and ordered to destroy the last of an alien race. The soldier begins to question the integrity of his mission when he encounters an unexpected traveler. The movie is set for a 2013 premiere

Here is a screen shot as Riseborough is seen on set with the child actress playing her daughter:

Great Expectations for Great Expectations

Sally Hawkins, known best for her role as Poppy in Happy Go Lucky, latest movie was picked up for distribution recently at the Toronto Film Festival. Hawkins plays Mrs. Joe in the Mike Newell remake of the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. The movie centers on Pip who is funded by a secret benefactor who wants to help him turn from his poor upbringing to become a gentleman. With the newfound confidence and stature in society, Pip pursues a childhood unrequited love for the rich girl Estelle.

The film stars Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter. The film is set to be released later this year. Hawkins’, whose role in Happy Go Lucky won her a Golden Globe Best Actress Award, recently began production on the unnamed Woody Allen movie. Hawkins stars as the female lead alongside Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin. The film is about the start of a wealthy woman’s financial struggle when she moves from New York to San Francisco. The anticipated Woody Allen movie is set to release 2013.

Hawkins describes in this interview below how it was playing her award-winning role of Poppy in the mike Leigh film.

About Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London where he studied his love for moving pictures. His career took off when he directed Bleak Moments (1971) about a working class woman who cares for her special needs sister. Since then he has been nominated for the Academy Award five times for writing and has been nominated one time for directing the film Vera Drake (2004).

Leigh is well known by fans, and the like, for his unconventional methods for creating new material and for his direction on set. He enters every movie with a sense of adventure and without the use of script or knowledge of where the story is headed. Yet, the long-time director says that his actors hardly improvise on camera. His films are able to have a structured quality is formed after a series of improvisations sessions worked with the actors over a long period of time before filming begins.

His business sense also includes no using famous actors and he has the freedom to explore the structure of his films and create a modern world without any outside interference to his directions. Leigh has said once in an interview that he was surprised himself that he has been able to work this way for over seventeen films.

He is also known for centering his themes on the British working class experience from different points of view, and each topic touches the writer/director on a personal level before it reaches the audience. His award-winning drama, Secrets and Lies (1996), about a woman finding her birth mother, came from personally knowing friends who had adopted children. As he explored this theme, another idea for a movie was sparked.

Leigh’s film, Vera Drake, centers on a caring woman who helps women induce miscarriages, grew from his personal understanding of women who had illegal abortions. Other of Leigh’s notable work include a film about family relationships, All or Nothing (2002) and Naked (1993), Mike Thewlis breakthrough role which earned him several awards.

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