The Low Budget “Hidden”

Andrea Riseborough, who co-stars as Dawn in “Happy Go Lucky”, started production in Vancouver, Canada on her new movie. “Hidden” is a low budget film directed by Alexander Skarsgard about a family that stays hidden in a bomb shelter during a mysterious outbreak. In the thriller, she plays Skarsgard’s wife, Claire and mother of their child.

After safely surviving underground for almost a year, their shelter is no longer secured and threatened by an unknown force. Photos taken recently on the set show Riseborough in character talking to the child actress. Hidden film is set for release in 2013. Riseborough is currently in production filming Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.

She takes on the role of Victoria in this science fiction film about a soldier who is court martial to a distant planet, and ordered to destroy the last of an alien race. The soldier begins to question the integrity of his mission when he encounters an unexpected traveler. The movie is set for a 2013 premiere

Here is a screen shot as Riseborough is seen on set with the child actress playing her daughter:

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